EUREBA® is our range of sweetened fibres – that replaces 1:1 sugar in your recipe without you having to make any changes to the manufacturing process. These ingredients are aimed at all food companies, from small and medium-sized businesses who want to avoid time-consuming and costly product development, to big enterprises who want short time to market. We are happy to help you choose the right EUREBA® and fine-tune the taste and texture for your application.

Below you will find a brief description of all the sweetened fibres we offer. At the end of each description there is a link to download for detailed information about each product.

EUREBA® replaces sugar with sweetened fibres

We develop sweetened fibres for different applications, and sweetened fibres with different properties for the same application. Below we describe them all. Click on the link after each description to download the product sheet with detailed information.


Chocolate and confectionery