NAVIA® is our range of steviol glycosides Reb A and Reb M. These ingredients are aimed at larger food and beverage companies, with their own product development capacity, who want to buy high quality ingredients at an advantageous price. We are happy to help you develop your NAVIA® based sugar reduction solution.

Below you will find a brief description of all the variants of NAVIA® we offer. At the end of each description there is a link to download for detailed information about each product.

NAVIA® sweetens with help of nature

NAVIA® is steviol glycosides in the form of powders or granules with varying proportions of Reb A (50-98%) or Reb M (80-95%). We control the entire chain from cultivation of stevia in China to the supply of steviol glycosides to our customers. It enables us to supply Reb A and Reb M with high quality and favorable price. Below we describe them all. Click on the link after each description to download the product sheet with detailed information.

Reb A provides natural sweetness

Rebaudioside A (Reb A) is the most commonly used steviol glycoside in food and beverage. It has a purer taste than many other steviol glycosides. We offer steviol glycosides in the form of powder or granules and with different proportions of Reb A.

Reb M when it must taste like sugar

Rebaudioside M (Reb M) has a taste profile that is closer to sugar than Reb A. We offer steviol glycosides in the form of powder with different proportions of Reb M.

Reb D with less off notes and aftertaste of sweetness

Reb Enzymatically when it needs to taste sweet with no aftertaste

Reb Enzymatically (Reb ERM) is enzymatically produced stevioglycosides (95%) with high purity and sweet taste. This product is suitable for a high variety of applications.

AR Specialties is a high intense sweetener blend

AR specialties are blends of Rebaudioside A with minor steviol glycosides that have a good taste and are suitable for the usage in applications where higher rates of sugar reduction are required.