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We want to give something special to those of you who manage a medium sized food and beverage company, to you who develop the products of the company, and to you who market and sell these products. We want to give you inspiration, knowledge and perhaps something that might amuse or befuddle you. That is why we will publish articles and interviews, analyses, suggestions and advice, and every now and then a chronicle or two. So let's begin.

16 May 2019 •

You are reading the first of many chronicles, articles and e-books which will be published during the coming weeks, months and years here at With these we wish to inspire you and provide you with useful advice and suggestions on how you can further your business, your products and your market.

Our Plans

This chronicle is our very first publication. Two more will come very soon. The headlines are not yet set, but we call them Stevia, from plant to Eureba, and The little plant that could.

As you might have guessed, we will start with what lies closest to our heart: stevia. But we will write about a lot of other things too. We just had to start with the sweet little plant, pun intended.

We will continue with one or two articles per week, until we break for summer. Then we close shop, not…

When you are on holiday, enjoying the weather (or perhaps working on the development of new ice creams), we will be rebuilding the website to give room for an online magazine. And when you come back to work this chronicle, and those ten to twelve articles we posted before the summer break will have been moved into this magazine. We’ll continue to fill it with new material every week.

The very first e-book will also be ready. It will be a little book you can read on your screen, or download and print. Our ambition is to make another one before Christmas, and then to publish four more each year.

Why do we do this?

It must be said; we do this for you to like us. It’s part of our marketing effort. But the purpose is not to be pushy or to sell our products.

We want you to think of us as the good guys, generously giving you access to interviews, analyses, suggestions and advice, as well as the odd chronicle like this one. We simply want you to feel it’s worth the effort to come and see us. Both online here at our website, on LinkedIn, and IRL.

Who are you?

So, who are you? We don’t really know. But we think you work for a medium sized food and beverage company somewhere in the Nordic region. That you are part of management, or R&D. Or that you market or sell your company’s products. That is in any case the three roles that we imagine that our readers might have.

Did we get it right? Send us an e-mail at and let us know!1

We would love to hear from you. And we promise not to fill your inbox with spam!

Who are we?

We are Bayn. Or Bayn Solutions AB, as our Articles of Association state.

We’re people with a passion for helping the industry to reduce sugar, without synthetic or artificial additives. And we want to help you to keep the same great taste and mouthfeel of your products.

We don’t actually mind sugar. It tastes great. But it’s used far too much, causing problems such as obesity and diabetes, not to mention tooth decay. That’s why we want to contribute to the reduction of sugar in all kinds of foods and drinks.

We enjoy the good things in life. We want the sweetness too, just without the sugar.

Our view of sugar reduction

You don’t gain much by just replacing sugar with other kinds of sugars, like fructose, glucose or maltose.

You miss the point of sugar reduction if you replace the sugar with something that still contains calories. That’s at least our point of view.

Unfortunately most alternatives are artificial, produced through a chemical process (e.g. saccharin, cyclamate, sucralose and acesulfame-K).

So, isn’t there an alternative from natural sources, with a low energy value? Oh yes! One of them is steviol glycosides, extracted from the stevia plant.

This is what we do

Steviol glycosides are up to 300 times sweeter than sugar. This presents an issue, if you replace one kilo of sugar with three grams of steviol glycosides, the volume, structure and texture of the product changes significantly. Besides that, you get a rather metallic aftertaste, not exactly what you aimed for.

This is a challenge that has our R&D team chomping at the bit. They are the brains behind our concept; Eureba — created from natural resources to replace sugar 1:1 while still maintaining taste and mouthfeel.

Our promise

Inevitably, we will come back to the subject of Eureba now and then. It’s our baby. And it would be wrong of us not to let you know how we can help you to replace sugar 1:1 without sacrificing the good taste. But first and foremost we will tell you about things that are of true interest to you. We promise!

1 The e-mail address goes to the team at the content marketing agency Kntnt who produces Bayn’s articles.

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